Who We Are . . . ​

E-Tag Expert Resources Ltd is a management consulting firm with a focus on programme management, monitoring and evaluation, research, organizational development services, general consulting and business development services. We envision to be the top provider of expert services in Nigeria through the delivery of quality solutions through quality experts to enhance sustainable development.  


"To be the top provider of
expert services in Nigeria"

E-TAG Expert Resources Limited was founded in 2014

The organization found in 2014 is headed by Technical Director (CEO) with a team of agile practitioners in the field of Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Research who has put over ten years of quality experience in providing sustainable solution to our clients locally and internationally through development of business solutions, institutional system strengthening build capacity and carries out research and development and organizational development services

We operate a projectized structure in our team management given the high quality of resources that make up our technical team and result orientation has remained over watch word since inception and continuous development has remained our guiding principle. 

"To design, deliver quality solutions
and expert services to enhance
sustainable development"


'Core Values

Our organization is committed towards upholding
the following values stated below




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